“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Laura Baer as a massage therapist. I have been treated by many RMTs over the years. Laura is a consummate professional who really listens to her client during treatment. Every time I see Laura I learn something new about self-care between appointments. She is a gem.”
~ Deb VandeWater

“A massage from you is always worth the wait! I always think…yes, this is why I waited for Laura! I get a treatment and feel like I have physically been “fine tuned” but, also energetically I feel lighter. I love the combination of massage and cranial sacral that you just naturally do, it feels so amazing!

As a doula, both Josh and I felt like you were beautiful in your role. You knew exactly what to do at exactly the right time and your presence was so uplifting . I remember seeing you and breaking down when you showed up to Livvy’s birth…it was like this wonderful and comforting energy entered the room. You are and were an amazing support person. You made me feel so comfortable, so loved and so cared for!

I love you as a friend and as a practitioner! You are someone that truly makes the world brighter…and healthier!”
~ Jenna Hunke

“I wanted to take some time to thank you for your outstanding RMT services of last Monday. You are a pro and you’ve proved that knowledge is power. Yes, I was very impressed by your in depth knowledge in body/muscles functionalities and how to tackle the pain. I had a very good time throughout the massage session and I enjoyed every moment when you explain a subject.
I would highly recommend you to my contacts. You are an amazing RMT and a very nice person.”

~ Richie Sanasy

“The body whisperer! This is how I describe you to everyone. Your special. You listen. When I describe an ache or discomfort in a general area you know. You go right to the point and you talk through your movements. You have a healing quality. Your demeanour, calm, loving, caring and here is that word again special. I say Laura is more than a massage therapist she is physio, massage, rieke ( can’t spell it at the moment) and more. I will be very sorry to lose you and I know that day is coming. It’s a big world and its calling you.”
~ Angela Harrison

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