Yoga Services

In order to drive real positive change in our health, we need to make the experience exciting, interesting and intimate.

You can do this by creating a personal relationship with yourself.

Our bodies are forever changing. You are a different person today from who you were yesterday. The key is learning how to be an active participant in these transformations.

Through the power of yoga, I’ll provide the techniques you need to strengthen your connection between body and mind, so you can live your optimal life.

One-on-One Yoga

I can come to your space to help you develop a sequence of exercises that inspire you to move your body every day and help create change in your body. We can learn together how to change old holding patterns and create new ways of carrying yourself and your body. We will take a close look at your body to help change small postural imbalances and relearn how to fire certain muscles and/or fascial chains.

This is an incredible way for you to practice yoga and mindfulness with therapeutic  support.


Cost: $100 Personalized Yoga Plan
$60 plus mileage for follow up sessions.

Lunch hour yoga

Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can be hard on your body. Lunch Hour Yoga is the perfect opportunity to break up your day and re-focus on healthy posture habits.


Starting at $100 per hour.

Yoga Workshops

Here’s your chance to take Lunch Hour Yoga to the next level with a Desk Jockey Yoga Workshop. I’ll come to your office space to offer a Yoga Workshop discussing ergonomics, and covering tools and techniques to help your employees perform their best.

I also offer a Yoga 101 Workshop for kids, teaching the basic philosophy behind yoga as well as a range of beginner yoga and mindfulness techniques.


Prices will vary. Starting at $300 for full-day workshop.


Yoga Services

Create an intimate relationship with yourself by strengthening the connection between mind and body.


Feel empowered to live your optimal life through a greater understanding of your body.

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Build a greater consciousness around the food you eat and the nourishment you need.